Dwight Howard, NBA Houston Rocket’s star center in the building!

We’re humbled and honored to have worked with Dwight since we opened the first store in Charlotte, NC almost a decade ago.  There is nothing I love more than styling athletes that are specialty sizes.  Whether it’s a taller man requiring a larger inseam, or a muscular built athlete requiring a more relaxed fitted leg we specialize in a wide range of specialty Athlete sizes. Dwight’s is very tall and requires a larger inseam than an average man. 

Dwight loves pieces from Pierre Balmain which offer a slim fit, and a longer 36 inch inseam.  Dwight pairs Balmain with Kash shirts to exude a low-key yet luxurious vibe.  Adventurous yet refined, Dwight has a style all his own and It’s always a pleasure to style him.


Dwight Howard Visits Pure Atlanta at Lenox Mall


Pierre Balmain

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